Adhering Members

Adhering members have special rights within the association such as:

  • Priority access & registration to the activities organized by the association and the events that we facilitate;
  • Participation in the private member forum;
  • Reduced prices on certain products, Art of Good Living classes, workshops, retreats, and alternative healing methods;

Applying members must submit their request for approval to the Association, submit the form provided by the association, have committed to annually pay the amount of 50€ per year, and be referred by an existing member.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click on the Contact us button below to make a request to join us. Thank you for your interest!

Membership Payment

If you are an existing member and need to renew your membership fee (Due every 1st of January) or if you have been approved as a new member by the Board of Directors, please make your membership payment here.

If you are considering joining us, please read over Akhamani’s Association Statutes and The AKHAMANI Association Internal Rules