Ce que fait Akhamani avec vos dons

Tous vos dons permettent à Akhamani de venir en aide aux peuples ancestraux et aux populations vulnérables du monde entier.

We bring them food, clothing, basic medicine, financial support, assist in education for the younger populations and women, we help rescue, restore, and promote ancestral heritage. We also support specific causes like the Tuvkhun Monastery Restoration and the Nabalaki Gardening project. Additionally, we help promote the various activities and events of ancestral practices as an attempt to bridge alternative wellness methods with modern societies. We are deeply grateful for all of your donations and your continued support to Akhamani and what we stand to accomplish.


You can be of direct assistance to ancestral communities and vulnerable populations around the world by making a donation. All donations are considered charitable tax deductions in all of the European countries, the USA, and other parts of the World.

Quand vous soutenez Akhamani, vous contribuez à aider des populations, des cultures, des savoirs et des lieux qui tendent à disparaître, et vous créez un véritable lien qui transcende les frontières.

Please enter the amount of your donation below and leave us a note to inform us what project your donation is for. We thank you for your contribution and support!


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